Create the Life You Want by Quantum Reprogramming
              and Ridding Yourself of Negative Energy!
                   Life is a Celebration of the JOY of Existence, not a Path of Misery.

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Let Quantum Holistic Healing Set You Free!

The Quantum Holistic Healing System effectively helps people resolve their problems. Based on belief and unconditional self-love, it works with unbelievably remarkable success. After 34 years of practice, working with over eight thousand people and dealing with their High Selves, (the Divinity within) we have a HEALING System THAT WORKS.

The reason why this system is so powerful is because it clears all negative energy from all contaminated layers of consciousness in all dimensions of reality. Then it reprograms the subconscious mind in all dimensions of reality. This is why it is called the Quantum Holistic Healing System.

This System clears all negative energy attachments such as:

  • Demons and Earthbound Spirits
  • Unresolved Internal Conflicts
  • Past Life Traumas Affecting This Lifetime
  • Attachments of Soul-Mind Fragments of People Living and Dead
  • Self-Fragmentation
  • All Other Negative Energy Blocks Including Curses and Spells

After clearing, the Quantum System reprograms the subconscious mind with good programs that enable them to live healthy, happy, secure and powerful lives.

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Defeat the Enemy Within chronicles my own problems, which led to the creation of the methodology that helped me and that I use with my clients.

It also details the technology of this advanced healing system and provides some rules for positive living.

Published articles regarding hypnotherapy and healings in my practice are also included.

  • How to find help to finally resolve long standing problems that have resisted solution
  • Why traditional therapy doesn’t usually work for long term solutions
  • What you must do for permanent change.


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includes autograph and
shipping to US and Canada.


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Remote Clearing of negative energy can be done not only on individuals but also on places and spaces.
Places are enclosed areas like homes and factories.
Spaces are unenclosed areas like fields and yards.
Both are very effective and result in extremely positive results.

Negative energy can come from entity attachments, internal conflicts, past life problems, bad things that have happened to you in this life and from negative energy you encounter in the world as you live your life.

Negative energy is just that-- it harms you !!!

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