Substance Abuse and Fear of Death

By Charles Wm. Skillas, PhD, DD, BCH, CI, FNGH, MCCHt

Over the years many suffering people have asked me for help with their drug addictions, commonly known as substance abuse. This can happen to all ages and genders and with different kinds of substances. The most common substances I find are cocaine, opiates, heroin, methadone, cannabis, alcohol and methamphetamines. Some other things people get hooked on are food, nicotine, and sweets.

About 2 years ago a father brought his 23-year-old son, Richard, to see me who was addicted to opiates. He had been in numerous institutions and seen many specialists in addiction therapy. All treatments were unsuccessful. I told the father I could not treat his son for any condition but I could clear him of negative energies that may be contributing to his problem. The father agreed and brought Richard to see me.

During our session pre-talk I learned that Richard was very insecure and when I measured his energy field it was very low. This indicated that the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of his body was severely blocked. This blockage negatively affected his brain as well as the rest of his physical system. I sensed that his insecurity was involved in his inability to rid himself of his opiates addiction. Insecurity is a very damaging fear and is the basis for many addictions.

In my clearing Richard, I found two earthbound spirits and a demon in him. Both of the earthbounds died violently. Jack in an automobile accident where he was crushed to death and Rick, diving into a shallow river breaking his neck. Violent deaths often become earthbound spirits. If an earthbound spirit attaches to you, it brings the energy of its death and all the negative energy of its life to you and you have to contend with it as your own. . Earthbound's are attracted to people of like energy and both boys were very insecure, just like Richard.

Under hypnosis I learned that Richard's insecurity was caused by fear of death. This fear often overwhelmed him and it hung over him like an evil black cloud. When I questioned the two earthbound spirits Jack and Rick attached to Richard, I found they also greatly feared death. People often feel that confronting and facing fear gets rid of it. Jack and Rick faced their fear of death by driving fast and diving off heights into rivers. Both of them were killed. Both were also alcohol addicts, to calm their insecurity and fear of death. Note that insecurity is also fear so all three young men were full of fear and used substances to help them relieve their fear.

His intense light of God attracted the demon in Richard to him. The demons try to destroy the light and they do it by killing the person in some way. The demon chose opiates to kill Richard. The demon exacerbated Richard's insecurity and fear of death, which was magnified by the two attached earthbounds causing him to use more opiates for relief, and he became addicted.

Under hypnosis I gave Richard suggestions that his insecurity and fear of death, were amplified by the two earthbounds and the demon. Clearing them, rid him of these negative energies. I also remotely cleared 2 other layers of consciousness in Richard and released six more demons and seven foreign soul mind fragments (FSMF's) that had Creation Energies (CE's) of fear, anger, shame, depression and guilt. These added clearings freed him and allowed me to quantum reprogram Richard, giving him mastery of himself. I heard from his father about 10 months later and Richard was still addiction free. I have not heard since, so I feel he is doing well and staying free of his insecurity, fear of death and ensuing addiction problem.

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