How Disease Occurs - A Model

There are many models of how disease occurs, but the oldest model, the one whose origins are buried in antiquity, is the Chinese and Indian model. It is as follows:

There is only one general cause for disease and that is improper functioning of the cells. Each organ has an "organic mind" made up of a "group mind" of a number of cells, each of which cell moreover has a cell-mind of it's own. In the case of the liver, for instance, the millions of cells composing the liver have a community mind that acts as the liver mind and is subject to control of the Subconscious unless interfered with by the Intellect.

Each of the body's cells is possessed of an instinctive knowledge of what is vital to its life work and its own regenerative life. The cells enable the body to carry on its work of continual regeneration. Every part of our bodY is repaired constantly by fresh material.

Cells reproduce or regenerate themselves by increasing in size and then separating, which is simply, cloning. The cells are continually cloning themselves. Every 7 years we are completely new. We have a new liver every 8 months. Our skin is new every 28 days. We get a new stomach lining every week.

Cell communities need at least four things if they are to be healthy. These are: 1) Oxygen, 2) Water, 3) Food 4) The Life Force. In our society, our cells usually get enough air, water and food, but they do not always get the amount of Life Force needed for health. If cells do not have sufficient Life Force to do their work, they become errant and began to clone in an inverse geometric progression as defective cells. If the energy deprivation is not corrected, the cell communities ultimately began to dysfunction and disease, mentaL and physical takes root.

Prana is the Hindu term for the Principle of Energy. Chi is the Chinese term. The Polynesians call this energy "MANA", the Japanese call it "KI", the Egyptians call it "KA". I use the term Chi for the Life Force.

The Chi flows through the body's energy meridians (channels) to the cells and stimulates them to function perfectly including getting rid of their toxic wastes. If Chi cannot reach the cell or is reduced, the cell is deprived of its Life Force and becomes errant or ill. Blockages in the bodys energy pathways (Chi Meridians} or in the Main Energy Centers (Chakras) cause this to happen.

Basic physics tells us that when an electric current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is set up around the conductor. The strength of this field is proportional to the amount of current flowing through the conductor. If there is a lot of resistance (blockage) to the current flow, the field is diminished. When the resistance is low, the current increases as a function of the resistance and the voltage. This is Ohm's Law in electricity.

The Chi or Life Force can be compared to current flowing through the body (conductor). Blockages in the Chakras or the Energy Meridians are akin to resistance in the electrical conductor. The aura about a living body is a function of the flow of Chi through the body, just like the electromagnetic field of the electrical conductor. If the aura is suppressed, this indicates a high resistance (blockages) to the flow of Chi through the body. The aura is actually an electromagnetic field just like the electrical analogy. The body's electromagnetic field can be photographed or detected with instruments.


The Chakras are the main energy centers of the body and are essentially, transformers modifying the Chi to be compatible with it's particular use in the body. Chakras are vortices revolving at great speed, corresponding to a specific frequency consistent with each ones specific task and manifested by the color of the vibration. There are seven main Chakras. The body's 7 energy vortexes are centered on the 7 endocrine glands:

1. Reproductive - Base
2. Pancreas - Spleen
3. Adrenals - Plexus
4. Thymus - Heart
5. Thyroid - Throat
6. Pineal - Third Eye
7. Pituitary - Crown

The Chi comes into the Chakras on the intake breath. The Chakras act like transformers to change the character of the energy Chi to that required by the different endocrine glands of the body and feed this modified energy into the Chi Meridians for distribution to the body's cell communities.

The Chi Meridians are the pathways through the body by which the Chi flows to various parts of the body and mind. The different characteristics of the modified energy all travel through the energy pathways at the same time and are kept separated by frequency and phase, much like multiple telephone calls can be transmitted through a fiber optic cable at the same time without interference. Each cell community has an impedance matching system which allows the correct frequency and phase of energy to pass through it, like a gate and rejecting energy not conforming to the particular cell communitys needs and requirements.

Each Chakra vibrates (spins) at a different frequency consistent with the color traditionally associated with each Chakra. The colors are all the primary colors of the rainbow. The base Chakra is #1 Chakra and it vibrates at the frequency of the color red. The #2 Chakra (Spleen) at orange, #3 Plexus at yellow, #4 Heart at green, #5 Throat at blue, #6 Third Eye at indigo and #7 Crown at violet.

Forcing Functions in the subconscious mind cause distortions in the bodys energy field, which cause blocks to form in the Chi Meridians. The blocks are similar to bending over your garden hose to reduce the amount of water flowing through it, or throwing rocks into a small stream. The flow is reduced. The blocks are also like introducing resistance into an electrical circuit. The current is reduced.

Harmful things that happen to us in this life, a past life, from a genetic carry-over, an internal conflict or an attached entity, cause Negative Forcing Functions to form in the subconscious mind. These cause distortions in the body's energy field and restrict (block) the flow of Chi energy. They also cause harmful programs to form in our subconscious bio-computer and these programs govern our behavior and response to life.

As long as the Negative Forcing Function is present, the harmful programs are continuously reinforced and the energy blocks will keep reforming causing cell community dysfunction and thus disease unless the Negative Forcing Function is removed.

The ancient Chinese knew that blocked Chi Meridians cause disease, so they created Acupuncture to open blocked Chi Meridians and it works, for a time. The Japanese created Shiatsu to do the same thing and it works for a time.
However - Energy clearing by itself is not the total answer to health. If the negative Forcing Function in the subconscious mind remains, the blockages will reoccur and the same illness conditions will manifest again.

I did energy clearing alone for about 5 years. People would come to me with all kinds of problems, both mental and physical. I would clear and balance their Chakras and clear their Chi meridian points using Shiatsu and they would, invariably, feel better.

Two weeks later, (sometimes sooner) they would come back complaining of the same problem. I would clear them again and they would feel better. Soon after, back they would come again feeling the same misery, I would clear them, and they would feel better. This went on repeatedly. This is OK if you are just trying to build a practice, but it was not doing the clients very much good if they could not hold their healing for more than a short time. This also happens with medicine, massage, chiropractic, Tai Chi, etc. They all clear the blocks temporarily.


When I realized that energy clearing was only a temporary fix, I became interested in hypnosis because it is the only way to get into the subconscious wherein is buried the causes of the illness (The Negative Forcing Functions). I began to study hypnosis formally and soon began to see longer lasting results when I combined hypnosis with energy clearing. By accessing the client's subconscious and getting them to release the Forcing Functions causing the problem and then positively reprogramming the subconscious proved to be the way to really help people heal permanently.

An example of this is: A person is programmed (by parents, peers, society, etc.) at a young age to believe he is worthless. The forcing function is his feeling of worthlessness. This errant programming (no one is worthless) causes and Chi Meridian blocks that interrupt Chi flow, thereby starving the cells of Life Force, and illness results.

Under hypnosis, the core issue of worthlessness (Negative Forcing function) can be identified and released, and the errant programming causing the person to believe he is worthless can be replaced by programming which acknowledges the person's value. With the Forcing Function eliminated, the Energy blocks now dissolve and the Chakras and Chi Meridians stay open thus permitting the Chi to vitalize the cells and health is restored and maintained.

At first, I just used regression or parts therapy to find the core forcing function issues causing the blocks. This worked well but I often found I was doing therapy on an attached entity and not the client. By doing Spirit Releasement on the client first, I can be sure that I am dealing only with the client. Doing psychotherapy on the entity doesnt help the client's problem.

Actually I found that any kind of therapy done on a possessed person is fairly useless because the results don't last. Clients are just wasting their time and money until the entity is removed. You just cannot reach the self if an external energy is present. The Entity forms an impenetrable barrier to the subconscious.

An attached spirit brings with it the energy of its life and its death. This means that if a spirit in life was sick, or fat, smoked, or used drugs - this energy comes with it to the one attached. Even if the spirit is of someone in life who loved you, they still bring with them their negative stuff - - and just the attachment alone drains energy because it is parasitical. There is nothing good about an attachment, no matter who it is. The attached spirit must be made to leave and when it does - whatever it brought with it also leaves... Therefore -- if the spirit brought the clients problem, when it leaves - so does the problem and the client is free of the difficulty once the negative program is corrected.

Quite often, just doing Spirit Releasement Therapy by itself brings remarkable positive change in the client, but sometimes I must follow the Spirit Release with Regression or Parts Therapy to release any of the persons own core issue Forcing Functions from this life or a past life or resolve an internal conflict or genetic problem.

This procedure works extremely well, but the process of cellular recovery can be speeded up greatly by using Cell Command Therapy to repair the damage to the cells. Therefore, what I ended up with as a therapeutic process is as follows:

The Skillas Therapeutic Process:

  1. Spirit Release to release all entities.
  2. Regression and Parts Therapy, including Past Life Regression, to uncover and release Negative Forcing Functions buried in the past or resolve internal conflicts
  3. Resolve genetic problems by correcting the unconscious mind's view of normality.
  4. Reprogram the subconscious so behavior and response to life changes positively.
  5. Repair cell damage using Cell Command Therapy.

Clinical Assistance

My little dog, a Shih Tzu, who goes by the name of "Sweetsiepootsy" is my Clinical Associate and helps me in my practice and teaching. She greets my clients at the door with her "baby" exuding love for them. During the talk part of the session she remains close by offering comfort and support. She goes into hypnosis with the client showing them that they have nothing to fear and at the end of the session, when they come out of hypnosis, she welcomes them back. She expresses unconditional love and freedom. This is what we are all trying to achieve and Hypnotherapy helps us get there!

Sweetsiepootsy Skillas
Clinical Associate