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Along with my busy schedule of teaching, I maintain an active private practice at my office in the Peachtree Corners section of Atlanta.

A private session is when a client comes in person for a session in my healing room at the Skillas Atlanta Hypnotherapy Center and clears one layer of consciousness. It differs from remote sessions, which does not require the client to be physically present and may be done for clients located anywhere in the world. Remote sessions can clear two layers of consciousness. [more about remote sessions]

A private session typically consists of:

Client assessment and discussion of their goals. A private session clears the present layer of consciousness of all negative energy in all multiple dimensions of reality. This clearing may include any one or all of the following clearing techniques:

  • Spirit Releasement Therapy
  • Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Parts Therapy for Resolution of Internal Conflicts
  • Gestalt and Forgiveness Therapy
  • Release of Subconscious Core Negative Energy
  • Release Curses and Spells
  • Quantum Holistic Healing clearing multiple layers of consciousness and multiple dimensions of reality

All of these clearing techniques restore the Flow of Life Force Energy to the cell communities of the body. This brings back the vibrational energy stimulus of the frequency of health to the cell communities, which was lost by the presence of negative energy blocks. [disease model]

My practice includes:

Dr. Skillas teaches the NGH Hypnotherapy Certification Course from the unique perspective of Internal Negative Forcing Functions and Body Energy Flow Disruption at the Cellular Level. This perspective was developed by Dr. Skillas to satisfy the logic of scientifically trained people who want to know and understand the physical and mental dynamics of the mind-body relationship. Dr. Skillas came to his understanding of these physio-psycho dynamics from his 40 years background in state-of-the-art technology in the Defense Industry, his educational background with a Doctorate in Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and over 2300 hours of training in Hypnotherapy. [more about Dr. Skillas]


Clinical Assistance

My little dog, a Shih Tzu, who goes by the name of "Sweetsiepootsy" is my Clinical Associate and helps me in my practice and teaching. She greets my clients at the door with her "baby" exuding love for them. During the talk part of the session she remains close by offering comfort and support. She goes into hypnosis with the client showing them that they have nothing to fear and at the end of the session, when they come out of hypnosis, she welcomes them back. She expresses unconditional love and freedom. This is what we are all trying to achieve and Hypnotherapy helps us get there!

Sweetsiepootsy Skillas
Clinical Associate

Dr. Charles William Skillas

4012 Spalding Hollow
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
Telephone: 770-449-7976

Click for a map to my office: MAP


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