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Overview of the Re-SET©
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Technology
of the Quantum Holistic Healing System


The following material details the history of Dr. Skillas' education and expertise in vibrations analysis, which gave him the technical background to devise the healing system technology contained in the Skillas Re-SET© System for Restoration to the Optimal Self. Although not a medical doctor, his doctorate is in engineering, he devised this system. The name Re-SET© was chosen for this system because it covers the transition technology that restores a damaged system to its undamaged original optimal condition and this is the elemental truth of the system. Re-Set clears the negative energy from all layers of consciousness. Re-SET© gets rid of the discordant energy that is the source of ill health in mind, body and spirit and it is copyrighted.

All of the material contained in this copyright presentation stems from Dr. Skillas' educational background in mechanical and electrical engineering and from his work on missile systems, rocket systems, anti-submarine warfare systems, electronic warfare systems, submarine torpedo defense systems, mine countermeasure systems; and from the over 3000 collective hours of formal instruction in hypnotherapy, metaphysics, indigenous people healing systems in North and South America, Polynesia and Africa; plus over 33 years of practice as a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Because this system integrates scientific logic with spiritual healing practices, it bridges the gap between modern society's need for healing and healing cognition, which unites the conscious and the subconscious minds. This union paves the way for true healing to take place, which is the basis for the Skillas Re-SET© Hypnotherapy System.

The Technology Presentations:

The following is a partial listing of some of the Centers of Excellence where Dr. Skillas has lectured on this advanced technology:

  • National Aeronautics and Astronautics Symposium, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bendix Missiles Div., Mishawaka, IN
  • Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN
  • Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University, Silver Spring, MD
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA
  • Sanders Associates, Inc., Nashua, NH
  • US Naval Air Systems command, Wash, DC
  • US Naval Air Missile Test Center, Point Mugu, CA
  • US Naval Ocean Systems Center, Point Loma, CA
  • US Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare Project Office, The Pentagon, Washington, DC
  • Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, The Pentagon, Washington, DC
  • US Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, PA
  • US Navy Anti-submarine Warfare Symposium, The State Dept., Washington, DC

Re-Set© Quantum System Technology Background:

Since the flow of life force energy (Chi) is the foundation of health and Chi is the vibrational natural frequency of health, it is necessary to establish Dr. Skillas' credentials concerning vibrational kinematic analysis and how it applies to the health of an individual.

He has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in engineering. He taught advanced mathematics and physics in the graduate program at UCLA. After graduating from the University of Detroit in mechanical engineering, he worked for the Naval Air Missile Test Center (NAMTC) at Point Mugu, California as a missile test engineer. He worked directly for Dr. Willie Fiedler and Dr. Warner Von Braun who had been brought to the United States after the 2nd world war from Peenemunde, Germany where they were responsible for the development of the V1 and V2 missiles that devastated Great Britain in WWII.

At NAMTC he worked on applying mechanical engineering vibrational kinematic technology to the survival of sensitive electronics equipment in missile high-intensity shock, vibration and thermal environments. He worked on the Sparrow 1, Sparrow 2, Sparrow 3, Bullpup and Sidewinder missiles and was also deeply involved with the first launch cruise missile from a submarine at sea, the Regulus Cruise Missile. As a result, while at NAMTC, he became expert in vibrations analysis and pioneered several new mathematical techniques, one amongst which was called the phase plane delta method for the solution of nonlinear 2nd order differential equations. These techniques were applied to the analysis of vibrations in missile systems with great success.

He gave a presentation at The National Aeronautics and Astronautics Symposium in Los Angeles about how a mechanical engineer looks at sensitive electronics in high intensity environments. His presentation was of particular interest to the vice president of Bendix Missiles in Mishawaka, Indiana because the Talos missile, which Bendix built, had a reliability of 12%, due to electronic system failures caused by the high intensity missile vibration and thermal environments. Bendix had been packaging the sensitive electronics of the Talos missile around the missile's ramjet engine, which had a horrendous shock, vibration and thermal environment that shattered the electronics causing the very poor reliability of the missile. So Bendix hired Dr. Skillas to redesign the missile electronics packaging to increase the missile's reliability. As chief engineer, he helped to develop packaging systems for sensitive electronics using his expertise in vibrations analysis and increased the missile's reliability to greater than 90%.

While at Bendix, they lent him to the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University in Silver Springs MD, to develop highly reliable electronic systems for the new Transit Satellite Navigation System for the Polaris ballistic missiles launched from submerged nuclear submarines. The Transit system became the Global Positioning System (GPS). He lectured at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA on vibration design for sensitive missile electronic systems in high intensity environments. He joined Sanders Associates in Nashua NH to apply his vibrational expertise to the design of electronic warfare and anti-submarine warfare systems (ASW).

After leaving Sanders Associates he joined Sparton Electronics in Jackson Michigan as vice president of advanced programs and marketing. Sparton was in the business of building sonobuoys, which are air-launched sensors for the detection of Soviet attack and ballistic missile submarines during the Cold War. At Sparton he was responsible for 3600 people and $600-million dollars worth of anti-submarine warfare equipment per year. After 13 years at Sparton he become a consultant to the United States Navy and to private defense contractors in the areas of anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, submarine torpedo defense and mine countermeasures.

Application of Vibration Engineering Technology to Hypnotherapy:

He tried allopathic medicine, psychiatry and clinical psychology without any real benefit to himself. He then tried many holistic approaches to health with limited success including standard hypnotherapy; however, only one holistic method helped energy him somewhat and that was Christian Science. He continued his research and determined that the source of all energy, causing cell malfunction and illness was within the subconscious mind. His research told him that he had to work in the subconscious mind to find solutions for the problems. So, he was drawn to hypnosis because it is the only modality that allows direct access to the subconscious self, but he had to make it work more effectively. As presently constituted, hypnotherapy was very superficial. He became determined to develop a system using hypnosis that would solve life-threatening problems.

The Skillas Quantum Re-SET© System Technology and Chi:

With Dr. Skillas' technical background and expertise in Vibration Engineering, he created a system that accessed the negative energies within the subconscious self that cause people's problems. This system uses, as its foundation, the oldest Model of Disease in the world. This is the Eastern Model of Disease, which says that all the problems we have in life… mental, emotional, physical and spiritual are caused by improper functioning of the cells of the body. After diligent research, he concluded that cell malfunction is caused by reduction of the flow of life force energy (Chi) to the cell communities of the body. When Chi is not adequately flowing to the cells, the cells don't function properly and begin to degenerate. It is important to understand that the life force energy, Chi, is the natural frequency of health and this is a vibration that stimulates healthy vibrations in the cell communities of the body, keeping the cells healthy. The flowing Chi energy is like plucking a violin string and having another violin close by, pick up the vibrational energy of the first violin.

He understood, according to the Ayurvedics, that the Chi/Prana comes in on the breath, and enters the 7 major chakras of the body. He determined that the chakras are accumulators and transformers of the Chi energy, which are centered on the 7 glands of the Endocrine System. The vibrational energy of Chi then moves to the 7 glands of the endocrine system and is distributed to the cell communities of the body through the Chi meridians. The chakra transformer function modifies the multi-frequency Chi brought in on the breath, to match the frequency and phase of the particular endocrine system gland.

There are 7 major natural frequencies of healthy vibration that Chi converts to as it services the well-being of the cell communities of the body. His research showed that each chakra modifies the Chi frequency to that required for the health of the cell community of the body serviced by that gland. He also determined that there is an impedance matching network in every cell community that accepts or rejects the Chi frequency flowing to it. This network opens and closes gates, which allows the correct Chi vibrational frequency to enter the cells. The network allows the proper Chi frequency to service the correct cell community at its natural frequency of health. It should be noted that the Chi Meridians, which carry the Chi vibrational energy through the endocrine system to the cell communities of the body, all flow through the same meridians without getting mixed up. This is because the meridians are like fiber-optic cables, which can carry many bits of intelligence data, discriminated by phase and frequency; therefore, they don't get mixed up. The Chakra phase and frequency modification does this for the Chi vibrational energy as it flows through the body's energy meridians.

The cells of the body are regenerating all the time. For instance, you get a new liver about every 8 months, a new stomach lining about every week, new skin about every 21 days and the cells of your entire body are replaced about every 7-8 years. When cells regenerate, they simply clone themselves. If the cell is perfect, when the cell divides and regenerates, you have 2 perfect cells. If the cell is imperfect because of the lack of Chi energy, the cells clone themselves as slightly imperfect cells. Over time, as the imperfect cells continue to replicate, the more degenerated the cells become and if the flow of Chi is not restored, the cell community becomes do degenerated that it begins to malfunction physically. If this continues over an extended period of time, the cell community dies and if it is a cell community you need to live, such as the liver, you will also die. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

What Are Negative Forcing Functions?

Negative Forcing Functions (NFF) are caused by bad things that happen to us either in this life, past lives, genetic carryovers from our biological ancestors, unresolved internal conflicts or attached foreign energies (entities), all of which can be distributed over multiple layers of consciousness. Dr. Skillas borrowed this term, Forcing Function, from mathematics, as it denotes adding energy to a system to keep it going as friction slows it down. The medical or psychotherapeutic professions do not use this term. He adopted the term from mathematics and kinematics because there was no existing term out there, which addressed this particular activity. He also determined that bad things that happen to us in this life, can also come from parallel universes in which we are living.

Negative Forcing Functions (NFF's) cause a distortion in the body's energy field, which inhibits (blocks) the flow of Chi (Prana or Life Force) through the body and installs a negative program on the subconscious mind's "hard drive". The subconscious has a virtual hard drive because it is an analog, parallel processing super bio-computer. This bio-computer operates on the programs, which are installed on it and the integrated summation of these programs determines behavior, how we feel, how we respond to life and who we are at the moment. NFF's continue to reinforce the negative programs it has installed and imbeds them deeper into the subconscious.

To achieve permanent respite from an NFF, it is essential that it be found, the energy within it released. Then new programs, which oppose the negative ones, can be installed to override the old negative programs. If negative forcing function energy is attached to the person, it must first be removed before reprogramming, otherwise reprogramming will not take and the same negative condition can be reestablished.

Figures 2 - 3 show what happens when NFF energy distorts the body's natural frequency of health, Chi energy (Fn). It is possible to calculate the resonant natural frequency of health of any cell community in the body by using the equation shown in figure 2. When the negative forcing function energy distorts the natural frequency of health, the cells begin to degenerate and the person degrades mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The negative forcing function energy may be distributed over many layers of consciousness and all layers must be cleared before complete reprogramming can be accomplished. As each layer of consciousness is cleared of negative forcing function energy, cell damage caused by the negative energy that was on that layer of consciousness is repaired. Once several layers of consciousness have been cleared, reprogramming the subconscious hard drive can begin hoping that enough of the negative programs are gone and that the new positive programs on the hard drive will take. If the subconscious hard drive is not reprogrammed, it is possible for those negative programs (still extant on the hard drive) to reestablish the former blocked Chi condition, and the person's problems may recur. By clearing successive layers of consciousness until all of the blockages are gone, the person becomes well again. The client controls their own therapy and determines when they no longer need it because they feel better.

Figure 2.

Figure 3

Other Sources of Negative Forcing Function Energies:

Parallel Universes can be illustrated by the following case in point… Dr. Skillas first heard about parallel universes about 30 years ago and didn't give it much thought because it sounded very far-fetched. However, in the past 10 years he became very interested in the singularity that occurs where quantum mechanics and relativity theory meet. Quantum mechanics works very well for very small particles and Einstein's theory of relativity works well for large things. But, both of them fall apart when you try to integrate them, and this causes the singularity. It's a singularity like the Big Bang.

At Princeton University, physicists have been working on string theory, superstring theory and now membrane theory as a way to resolve the singularity. They discovered that 11 dimensions were necessary to make the mathematics work and they were able to approach a resolution of the singularity using vibrating membranes instead of vibrating strings in the equations. Could it be that the 11 dimensions Princeton found necessary to resolve the mathematical conundrum in membrane theory, are the same 11 dimensions of reality sometimes called 11 parallel universes, long known by the metaphysical community?

This concept first became of great importance when Dr. Skillas was working with a client named John, aged 63 who had a cocaine addiction. He cleared six layers of consciousness in three remote sessions, a total of 25 demonic energies and two past lives in which John was also a drug addict. Although John felt better and the addiction was improved, it was still there and he continued to struggle with it. Then, during a session, John's High Self suggested looking at his "parallel dimensions of reality". Since other attempts to clear the addiction had not worked Dr. Skillas decided to do it.

He found four parallel lives where John was a drug addict. He also found demonic energies in these four lives. On two of his other parallel lives John had no drug addictions. He cleared the four contaminated parallel lives and John was free from his addiction. About a year later we heard that John was still free, then we lost contact with him.

John was the first client in which Dr. Skillas cleared parallel universes/parallel dimensions of reality. Since then, Skillas Atlanta Hypnotherapy Center continues this work.

The Quantum System Re-SET© Therapy Techniques:

In Order to Resolve Negative Energies, We Must Consider the Following:

  • Modeling the energy - mind/body connection
  • Resolution of subconscious forcing functions causing illness and addictions
  • Characteristics and treatment of the different kinds of entities
  • Release techniques of:
    • Thought forms,
    • Soul Mind Fragments of people living or dead using Soul Retrieval,
    • Curses,
    • Earthbound Spirits,
    • Alien Energies, and
    • Demon Energies
  • Protection - Your Client - Yourself - Others
  • Remote clearing of individuals and places
  • Dealing with possessed children

Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT):

Dr. Bill Baldwin said that the ancient concept of releasing spirit (entity) attachments is the basis of healing in many cultures, even though largely ignored in our modern, scientifically oriented society. Clinicians in many countries find the condition widely prevalent among sick people today. Releasing attached spirits can bring profound and often immediate results, both mental and physical, ranging from minor improvements to total remission of otherwise untreatable symptoms and conditions. The methods used are grounded in sound psychotherapeutic principles and clinical practice. For his Spirit Releasement Work, Dr. Skillas has integrated the technologies and techniques, of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Hypnotherapy and that of indigenous peoples of North and South America, China, India, Polynesia and Africa. He has studied the techniques of Native Americans of the Cherokee, Zuni, and Hopi tribes, is studying to become a Medicine Man of the Native American Church of Nemenhah and is certified in Chinese Energetic Medicine. He is a Medicine Man skilled in Soul Retrieval and has studied with witch doctors, shamans and holy men of African tribes including Credo Mutwa, Chief Holy Man of the Zulu Nation. In Hypnotherapy he has studied with and been certified by Dr. Bill Baldwin, Dr. Irene Hickman, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Arthur Winkler, Dr. Ed. Martin, Dr. Cheryl Martin, Dr. Leidecker, Dr. Carl Carpenter, Dr. Mell Reese and many others too numerous to mention.

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLT):

According to Dr. Bill Baldwin, you can heal the present through the past. Reincarnation is beginning to come out of the dark corners of mysticism and into the light of 21st Century healing. Much authoritative work is being done in the area of Reincarnation. Many disorders, both physical and psychological, result from past life events. Our past lives leave an indelible impression on our lives, and at times manifest in present day problems. Reviewing our past lives under hypnosis often releases the stressors from the past and permits our minds and bodies to create their own resolution. Even if the client does not believe in Reincarnation, the Regression works just as effectively. Past Life Regression Therapy, not only releases the origins of life problems, but also allows maximizing of skills, talents and gifts inherited from the past. Dr. Arthur Winkler, President of St. John's University (Louisiana) and world-renowned expert in PLT trained Dr. Skillas. Since then, Dr. Skillas has developed his own unique techniques for doing PLT. His technique, used in the Re-SET© System, is the "Cutting of the Tubes Method" for all Sensitizing Events.

Cell Damage Repair:

The negative energy buried deep in the subconscious self and put there by the negative forcing functions cause cellular damage by distorting the Chi vibrational natural frequency of health. Ultimately, if the cell damage is left uncorrected, the cell damage will proceed to eventual degeneration and destruction of the cell communities deprived of the life force energy Chi. This results in physical illness, and in the end, death if the degeneration process is not corrected. So, after finding and releasing the negative energy in the subconscious, then the repairing of damage to the cells on each layer of consciousness caused by negative energy is done. Dr. Edward Martin of Texas and Alabama and The World Institute of Cognitive Sciences in Pennsylvania trained Dr. Skillas in Cellular Regeneration Therapy.

Parts Therapy:

An excellent technique developed by Dr. Charles Tebbetts to resolve negative internal conflict forcing functions in the subconscious self. Under deep trance hypnosis, the trained therapist can speak to the parts of the client engaged in conflict and by using adroit methods of compromise affect an agreement that resolves the conflict, thereby eliminating the negative internal conflict forcing function.

Remote Clearing:

Remote Clearing is clearing work done on a person or place when the person cannot or will not physically come for a session. In the case of a place, the place can be anywhere in the world or the person to be cleared can be anywhere in the world. This work is usually done using a surrogate and protector(s). Dr. Irene Hickman, DO trained Dr. Skillas in Remote Clearing.

Gestalt Work:

Dr. Skillas' advanced Gestalt work resolves mental and emotional problems that one has with another person or persons and a mind transfer technique is used to accomplish a venting of emotions and resolution of old conflicts, leading to forgiveness on both sides. The offending ones may be living or dead. Dr. Skillas was taught Gestalt Work by Jerry Kein.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

This is an energetic process for releasing the emotional component of distress. Various acupuncture points on the Chi meridians are tapped with the fingers and subjective units of distress can be decreased. EFT is a simplified version of Thought Field Therapy and can be used for many problems. Dr. Skillas learned EFT from Gary Craig, developer of EFT.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior". The term "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" refers to a stated connection between the neurological processes ("neuro"), language ("linguistic") and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience ("programming") and can be organized to achieve specific goals in life. In the Re-SET System© it is used to anchor ego states. NLP is a great trigger mechanism to enhance relaxation by recalling previously obtained ego states of relaxation using the trigger (anchor). In practice, we also use NLP to elicit modalities of stress and replace them with elicited modalities of relaxation. Dr. Skillas is a master level NLP Practitioner and was taught by Dr. Will Horton.

Foreign Soul Mind Fragmentation (FSMF) and Self-Fragmentation (SF):

The mind has a survival coping mechanism called disassociation: which it uses to protect the mind from insanity when highly traumatic energy is encountered. The mind creates a sub personality frozen in time at the age the trauma occurs and stuffs all of the trauma energy into that sub personality and then submerges it into the subconscious self. The conscious mind never knows that it's there but it's working on the person. These energies, called Foreign Soul Mind Fragment's (FSMF), can jump off of the person who created them and go on to someone with low Guardian Chi at the time. And that person who receives the energy now has the energy within them and has to deal with it. It is not their own negative energy but belongs to the source that sent it to them. In addition, a silver cord connects them and it's a full-duplex data transmission system. Energy goes back and forth between the two. Positive energies are okay but bad energy is not. The person who receives the FSMF is now stuck with the sources' creation energies that caused the sources to fragment.

A person can self-fragment (SF). These are his own fragment creation energies and they work just like the FSMF fragments except that they do not jump off and go on other people. These SF stay within the sub personalities and contaminate the subconscious. They have to be removed just like the FSMF.

Curses and Spells:

Curses and spells put on people are a variation of soul mind fragmenting (SMF) but which are deliberately caused to harm someone or it may be extended to harm generations. Along with the SMF creation energies for projection, comes the curse intention energy to the one being cursed. This energy is the evil being carried by the projection energy. Because of the intention to harm, a demon is attracted to the curse and exacerbates both the creation and intention energies to the detriment of the cursed one.

Energetic Clearing (Hole in the Side Technique):

Developed by Dr. Skillas, this technique is used to clear and cleanse all negative energies from the layer(s) of consciousness.

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Remote Clearing of negative energy can be done not only on individuals but also on places and spaces.
Places are enclosed areas like homes and factories.
Spaces are unenclosed areas like fields and yards.
Both are very effective and result in extremely positive results.

Negative energy can come from entity attachments, internal conflicts, past life problems, bad things that have happened to you in this life and from negative energy you encounter in the world as you live your life.

Negative energy is just that-- it harms you !!!

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