Remote Places Work is done at a distance, and consists of clearing negative energy from buildings and locations. Once the location is clear (the negative energy has been removed) I can then spiritually repair the wounds caused by the presence of unquiet spirits and demonic entities, by the negative energy on the layers of consciousness affecting residents and neighbors.

Sometimes when entities are cleared from a person, through intervention or even by death, those entities continue to inhabit and infest the physical space. Places like Gettysburg, where large numbers of people have died suddenly, are known worldwide.

Schedule a Remote Session

We have a flat fee for remotes of $700.00, payable in advance by bank certified check or postal money order. You can contact me to make arrangements.

The process takes about three to even five hours and includes a team of four of us, consisting of my trained and cleared surrogate, two protectors and myself. I will call you to report on what we found and what we did after the process is completed.

Requirements for Remote

  1. Remote clearing is the best way to get rid of spirits from places and spaces. To do a remote I need pictures of the rooms in the house, pictures of the outside of the house, pictures of the lawn and places like nearby woods and neighboring buildings and spaces. If the person has a plot of their property, it is helpful. In the case of a factory or laboratory or other non-house building, I need pictures of the working spaces, aisles and rooms. This includes rooms where people work and storage areas.

  2. Payment of $700 by bank certified check or postal money order. If payment is by personal check, we must allow it to clear before proceeding.

  3. A brief history of the client's current problem associated with the location, in chronological order, including major negative happenings. For example, "In 2003, at age 27, I witnesses a traffic fatality just a few feet from me, and saw the pain and terror on the victim's face as he died. Since then, I've had trouble ___"

It takes a several days for me to line up my group before doing the remote. After we agree on a remote, I will tell you when we can do it. I must keep my surrogate clear for every remote to avoid contamination of the results. Think of us as a spiritual Haz-Mat team coming remotely to clear toxic waste from a location so it no longer adversely impacts the new residents.

Please look under Hypnotherapy Classes to read about the details of the technology used in this work.

Remote On A House and Property With Apparitions
Remote: Computer Factory Curse Remote Clearing of Places and Spaces
Remote Clearing of House and Property Problem Places

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Remote: Computer Factory Curse
My first experience with clearing spaces was about ten years ago when the president of a specialized computer company came to see me about strange problem he was having. This specialist computer company made very unique and complex computers that did many complicated tasks including many classified jobs for the military and intelligence communities. His problem was that a particular prototype computer for an important government agency that cost him about $250,000 to make was being destroyed every night while it was alone in a locked room where there was no power.... MORE


Remote Clearing of House and Property
Not only did I find in the new house the earthbound spirits and demons connected with the crazy mother from the other house, but also the earthbound spirits of about 50 Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians who had been massacred back in 1864 by the U.S. Army. There were also about 20 demons distributed over the property and in the house. Many of the Indians were women and children and a substantial number of them died from some kind of pox. Apparently the U.S. Army found this group of Indians who were living peacefully and killed them all. I found the dead crazy woman's family all gathered in Dan and Janie's bedroom... MORE


Remote Clearing of Places and Places
But what happens when the cleared person goes back home and it is full of negative energies? And what about negative energies that may be in his yard, or in the woods behind his house, or close by in another residence, business, church, factory, etc? Well, if his guardian chi is up and working he is protected against negative energies. But what if he gets stressed out and his Guardian chi goes down and he loses his protection against the negative energy? These negative energies from around his house could get into him and he would be subject to all the problems they will cause. His previous clearing reestablished his guardian chi protection system but if it goes down again from severe stress, he could pick up the negative energies that are in and around his home.... MORE


Problem Places
Places and things can pick up negative energy (entities) just like people can. The effect can be devastating to large groups of people and last a very long time. Sometimes the energy attaches to a building or even to a whole area. Most people are familiar with haunted houses and battlefields. MORE



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