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Remote Clearing for People, Places & Spaces

Remote Clearing is just that. It is clearing done at a distance.

Remote Clearing consists of:

  • Prayers for protection and guidance.
  • Four people are involved. Myself, conducting the session, a surrogate whom I have trained and kept clear for 30 years (a surrogate must be clear in order not to distort the results) and two spiritual protectors are used in each session.
  • Two layers of consciousness are cleared of all negative energy and also on all corresponding layers of consciousness in parallel layers of reality.
  • The process takes from four to six hours to complete.
  • Concludes with a report of the session to the individual being cleared.

Remote Clearing of People

The client does not have to be physically present in my healing room. The clients can be anywhere in the world as long as we know approximately where they are. In addition, the client does not have to be in any state of meditation or hypnosis for the remote to be done. The only requirement is that the client does not engage in detailed intellectual discussions while we are doing the work. For example, he should not be engaged in deep discussion regarding the singularity that divides quantum mechanics and relativistic theory. However, the remote client can be watching TV, reading, sleeping, having dinner, traveling, playing a game, etc.

Remote clearing work clears negative energy from two layers of consciousness and multiple dimensions of reality. It restores the flow of life force energy to the cell communities of the body on both layers. Once the negative energy is cleared from all layers of consciousness and from the multiple dimensions that it affects, it is then possible to successfully reprogram the subconscious. The cleared client then develops control of his life and becomes a person of security, strength, power, and free of distress. I can then spiritually repair the damage to the cells caused by the negative energy on all cleared layers of consciousness and all affected dimensions of reality (Quantumly).

The client must understand that we can only clear the two layers of consciousness that we can access permitted by his High Self. It is important that the client understand that he is in full control of his own process and not us. If the symptoms disturbing the client don't disappear after the remote, it means that the energy of those symptoms is not on the layers we were allowed to access at that time. It may take multiple sessions to clear all contaminated layers of consciousness.

Why choose a remote session?

This approach clears two layers of consciousness as apposed to one and the client doesn't have to physically come to the healing room. Some clients have physical impairments or other challenges that prevent them from coming. Others simply want a head start. I do specific reprogramming for both remote and private sessions, but they are somewhat different, both effective, but different.

Remote Clearing and Quantum Reprogramming is about 50% of my practice, and I do this for people all over the world. It is very effective, and the client does not have to be present or even consciously know that it is being done.

Remote Clearings take about 4-6 hours and involve 4 of us, including my cleared and trained surrogate whom I use to work on the client and 2 protectors in addition to myself.

  • Remote Clearing of people or spaces (like property), costs $700. Remote people sessions clears 2 layers of consciousness and costs $700.

  • Private in-office sessions, clearing one layer of consciousness, costs $500 (most sessions take 2 hours but can go longer at the same rate).

  • Private sessions may be done remotely over the phone or by using Skype. All private session remote clearing costs $700.

  • Quantum Reprogramming clears 3 layers of consciousness, costs $900 and can be done using Skype or the phone. All this work can be done all over the world remotely.

Make the check out to Dr. Skillas and mail it to
4012 Spalding Hollow, Peachtree Corners, GA, 30092-1955, USA

I would be most happy to discuss remote work with you over the telephone by calling me at 770-449-7976.

Requirements for Remote Clearing of People:

  1. A recent picture of the subject. If there are others in the photo, please indicate which is the subject.
  2. Subject's date and place of birth.
  3. Subject's birth name.
  4. Phone number and address where client will be when we do the Remote.
  5. Don't forget your chronological listing by your age of the major negative things that have happened to you in your life, the people involved if you can remember them,
  6. Your current symptoms,
  7. Payment of $700 (bank certified check).

It takes a several days for me to line up my group before doing the remote. After we agree on a remote, I will tell you when we can do it.

[Contact Dr. Skillas for scheduling a Remote Clearing]

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Remote Clearing of Places & Spaces

Remote clearing is the best way to get rid of spirits and other negative energy from places and spaces. Oftentimes, entities can be attached to buildings and properties. They can come from cemeteries, funeral homes and churches, or they may simply be attracted to the place or space for some reason. If they are, they may stay forever. Places like Gettysburg, where large numbers of people have died suddenly, are known worldwide for spirits..

Not all entities are benevolent, however they can pose a problem if they become attached to a person when their psychic defenses are down from stress. Some entities may have malicious intent or be the result of a curse or spell. These may be removed through remotes. Once the location is clear (the negative energy has been removed) I can then spiritually repair the wounds caused by the presence of unquiet spirits and demonic entities.

Remote Clearing - Foreign Clients

I do remote work for people all over the world.. I have recently concluded remotes for people in England, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

The cost is $700 by Western Union.

If you have Skype, it works better as I have to give you the results of the remote after finishing. If you do not have Skype, I could make you an audio disk for an extra $25.

Skype is preferable because I can answer any questions you may have in person. Once I get all the requirements for the remote, including the Western Union transfer, I can tell you when we can do the remote.

Remote Clearing Work Summary

Don't forget your chronological listing by your age of the major negative things that have happened to you in your life, the people involved if you can remember them, your current symptoms, address and phone number, date and place of birth.

I start remotes at 11 AM Atlanta time, and it takes from 3-6 hours , sometimes as much as 9-10 hours to complete depending on the
complexity. I will call you after the remote is complete to tell you about what we found and did usually between 3 and 5 PM. This is a very important part of the remote process as it permits the uniting of the conscious and subconscious, thereby allowing deep processing within the subconscious. I will schedule your remote after I receive all the information, and your check.

Requirements for Places & Spaces Remotes:

  1. Pictures of the Places or Spaces to be cleared.
    Examples: Rooms in the house, pictures of the outside of the house, pictures of the lawn and places like nearby woods, bodies of water. Pictures of neighboring buildings and spaces, such as outbuildings, wells, and other enclosed areas. (Particularly if these are cemeteries, churches, or funeral homes.) If the person has a plot of their property, it is helpful.
    In the case of a factory or laboratory or other non-house building, I also need pictures of the working spaces, aisles and rooms. This includes rooms where people work and store things.
  2. Address of the property.
  3. A Brief History and description of negative occurrences that indicate it may need to be cleared. Also a history of circumstances happening around the time the first problem symptoms occurred
  4. Payment of $700 (bank certified check).

Schedule a Place & Spaces Remote Session

It takes a several days for me to line up my group before doing the remote. After we agree on a remote, and I receive payment (cash, bank certified check or postal money order), I will tell you when we can do it. Think of us as a spiritual Haz-Mat team remotely clearing toxic waste from a location so it no longer adversely impacts the residents.

[Contact Dr. Skillas for scheduling a Remote Clearing]


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