Create the Life You Want by Quantum Reprogramming
              and Ridding Yourself of Negative Energy!
                   Life is a Celebration of the JOY of Existence, not a Path of Misery.

Getting Rid of Entities and Other Negative Energy
in the Subconscious Self

Many aspiring hypnotherapists take courses which do not teach how to get rid of negative energy in the subconscious. These negative energies can be entities like dark forces, earthbound spirits, foreign Soul Mind Fragments, self-fragments, curses, or spells. I have dealt with these kind of energies for over 37 years and working on over 6000 clients. If you are a hypnotherapist and want to learn how to do this work, contact me at 770-449-7976 and I will teach you how to do this in six hours. Call and inquire about this course and the cost.


Skillas Atlanta Hypnotherapy Center (SAHC)


The Quantum Holistic Healing System


If interested, contact SAHC
Syllabus available on request

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Remote Clearing of negative energy can be done not only on individuals but also on places and spaces.
Places are enclosed areas like homes and factories.
Spaces are unenclosed areas like fields and yards.
Both are very effective and result in extremely positive results.

Negative energy can come from entity attachments, internal conflicts, past life problems, bad things that have happened to you in this life and from negative energy you encounter in the world as you live your life.

Negative energy is just that-- it harms you !!!

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